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Martin's Kreider Stoltzfus Meats
John F. Martin & Sons Fishers Gen Wengers
September Farm Cheese BIH Bake Shop

Delivery to Your Restaurant

We represent the Best of Lancaster County food and get it delivered right to your restaurant. We deliver meats, eggs, salads, side dishes, soups, entrees, desserts, cheeses and more from your favorite Lancaster County suppliers like John F. Martin Meats, Gene Wenger Meats, Martins Quality Eggs, Stoltzfus Meats and Fisher's Home Style Salads.

When you buy buy local you are investing into the local community and local economy. By serving local foods, you're more likely to support those who eat at your restaurant or buy at your store. "Importing" foods from out of the area makes it very unlikely that the money spent on that food will ever make it back to your restaurant or store.

These favorite local food producers continue to use the work ethic, methods and recipes that have been handed down from previous generations, and this results in consistent products that we can all appreciate. In addition to maintaining the heritage of great food production, today’s producers also use the latest methods in food safety and sanitation, ensuring you of a safe, healthy product.